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제목 Loyalty Program
작성자 Yo Hana (ip:)
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Hello, LLT Friends! C:
We're running LongLongTail with a belief that we can trust each other, even though we can't see each other.
So we gladly provide all of you with One&Only LLT Loyalty Program below.
Hope you would consider this as our core value for our better world and support that we can stick with the belief in us.
We always be deeply happy to be with you all and thank you.

Grade Criterion Benefits
Bronze Tail $0 ~ Free Exchange on Defective Items (Click to Details)

Free Replacement When You Don't Receive Your Parcel Within 50 Days Of Shipping (Click to Details)
* Within 60 Days Of Shipping For South America and Africa

♡ Preparing: Surprise Gifts on B-Day

♡ Preparing: Differential Points Rewards According To Grades
Silver Tail $200 ~
Gold Tail $400 ~
Platinum Tail $700 ~
Titanium Tail $1000 ~

If any questions or concerns, please leave comments here or email us at We will be pleased to assist you with anything.

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